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Take Me Home necklace

The words in the photo actually do mean something. It's just a longing feeling of the times gone by.

Xiaohan bought one ;D I can remake it if you would like one. Oops no more bicycle charms ):

$3.50, 35cm long chain.

If you want it, you can buy it. Leave a comment with your contacts.


  1. I WANT THE BICYCLE!! Can I buy the bicycle please?

  2. yes, yes please!! where did you buy it from?

  3. OH NO...when you next go to buy them, could you please buy an extra one for me? I will pay you! and + 10% also can!

    what's JP by the way? something in Jurong right? Jurong Park?! JURASSIC PARK LOL!!!!!!

  4. Jurong Point. Okay, I'm going to buy next year.

  5. ya you can. but that means you will have the same necklace as xiaohan! Er, do you want the same kind of chain?

  6. whooooooops i only just realised that you replied.

    That is a Good Point, having the same necklace as xiaohan is... T_T!

    can i get a different chain! :D like one of those...chainlinky ones. Yanno. Those. Or a black string or something.

  7. okay i have a chainlinky black chain thing :D It is sad that blogger doesn't allow you to track comments. But it will look very lonely because it is very small. Oh but I can give you a shorter chain so it won't look that lonely. Hmm. 35 cm is an awkward length I think.


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