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Because You're My Star hairband

hehe hello it's been a long time! This is a hairband! Heh a bit unexpected hmm?

I originally intended to make this another necklace but then when I was making the star many moons ago, I stopped halfway I don't know why and never continued.

It's been there, half-done on my bedside drawer ever since and I didn't know how to carry on.

Until recently, I looked at it and looked at it and looked at it and thought hey it would look quite nice on a hairband right?

Yes, right.

It started out more engineered towards some sort of sea-based colour theme and the original idea was something along the lines of a starfish... But i still think the green/blue colours are quite nice (:

Hehe I think hairbands are quite fun. Perhaps more on the way? (Oh but some people have been complaining I make too many earrings and too little keychains)

The hairband is about 35 cm long. The star is about 4.5 cm long at it's maximum length. About.


Leave a comment if interested or find me in real life (:


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Catch a Falling Star earrings VI


Haha I made this quite a while ago, during the holidays actually.

The colour of each star is actually different. ;) Er haha stating the obvious. I don't know what to write.

The selling price of this is $7.

If you're interested, the usual, leave a comment of contact me personally if you know me ;) Any questions, same.

Anchor Your Dreams

This is for irreplaceable people.
This stands for a lot of things.
Don't forget the dreams you once had.
Don't forget to dream.
Let your dreams be your anchor, the reason why you're still going on.
And don't forget that dreaming brought us to unreachable dreams.
Thanks for these four years.

Catch a Falling Star keychain III

For Fumi (芙美), my buddy during the immersion programme.

I've been working out the concept of the silver metal thingums for a long long time. I'm glad I finally have a chance to work it out.

If falling stars weren't meteorites, those silver thingums could be meteorites.

I'm sick.

That's all.