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Moving out of a transient phase

Not sure what to use this place for anymore actually.

Junior College swept me up in a whirlwind, I thought it was you know a transient place, a temporary phase, but I realise that was one of the biggest assumptions I made. After JC there is university which promises to be more densely packed with excitement and stress and after that, the working world.

I thought I was going on a hiatus but I think this is going to be a permanent hiatus. So I've decided to just use this blog as a place to record my crafty adventures instead, sewing, crocheting, jewellery, anything.

Recently I've been exploring all these areas of handmade goodness, it's been in me all along, I just never actively pursued it.

And really it's so so so convenient and amazing how the internet allows you to learn all these things when you don't have a grandma to teach you or find lessons rather expensive and inconvenient. Though I still think it would be much cooler if I had a grandma to teach me all these.


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Catch a Falling Star earrings VI


Haha I made this quite a while ago, during the holidays actually.

The colour of each star is actually different. ;) Er haha stating the obvious. I don't know what to write.

The selling price of this is $7.

If you're interested, the usual, leave a comment of contact me personally if you know me ;) Any questions, same.

Anchor Your Dreams

This is for irreplaceable people.
This stands for a lot of things.
Don't forget the dreams you once had.
Don't forget to dream.
Let your dreams be your anchor, the reason why you're still going on.
And don't forget that dreaming brought us to unreachable dreams.
Thanks for these four years.

Catch a Falling Star keychain III

For Fumi (芙美), my buddy during the immersion programme.

I've been working out the concept of the silver metal thingums for a long long time. I'm glad I finally have a chance to work it out.

If falling stars weren't meteorites, those silver thingums could be meteorites.

I'm sick.

That's all.