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Om Nom Nom Nom necklace I

Hello! I haven't been here in a while! I have been busy with school, if you will believe me. I know you will! So it's the school holidays already! They pretty much only start tomorrow since it's only the weekend. But I promised myself I would finish a necklace this month! I thought I would take the whole week in procrastinating, but no! I took two days!

Anyway, I've been thinking about this design/concept (if it can even be called so) for the past three months and I've finally got down to making it!

I think it looks fairly pretty.

It has four acrylic beads, did you spot them! And that is cake, ice cream and biscuit if you can't tell.

"Omygosh, the biscuit looks so delicious!" was what a certain friend of mine said when I was buying it and so I bought it.

Anyway, the chain is actually black, I buy all the metal things in black when I can! The chain itself is 60 cm long but it has an extension which adds a nifty 7 cm to it! It's for you to hook the lobster claw onto actually. So the total length of this necklace is actually about 68 cm (the lobster claw is actually 1 cm long)!

Seeing that I didn't sell the last two necklaces, I am selling this one. This one is going at $7. The cake, ice cream and biscuit charms are actually not as cheap as I would like them to be. Therefore the price.

Sold to Yuan Wei who was so sweet to buy something for his immersion programme buddy. (:

Available for remake ;)

Comment if interested or if you know me personally, you can talk to me directly ;D Or you can just comment and tell me how pretty this is! I wouldn't mind!


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Haha I made this quite a while ago, during the holidays actually.

The colour of each star is actually different. ;) Er haha stating the obvious. I don't know what to write.

The selling price of this is $7.

If you're interested, the usual, leave a comment of contact me personally if you know me ;) Any questions, same.

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