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Catch a Falling Star keychain IV

Poor neglected blog ): Here's a keychain to revive this place. Actually I made this some time ago, a long time ago, many moons ago. Okay about the same time as this hairband. I was in this phase where I would rather pick interesting, contrasting colour combinations, rather than complimenting ones. I guess peachy-orange goes quite well with cyan-blue. :)

This was made with the person who complained that I made too many earrings and too little keychains in mind.

As usual, I don't think you should take chances with paper stars, don't squash them, soak them in tea, er burn them, no they are definitely not fire-resistant.

In the midst of trying to decide on a reasonable price, through past keychains, I've realised I never sold keychains before.

And therefore I shall decide on a price now. How does $3 sound? I thought that was a reasonable price since this keychain only had two measly stars ):

Here's a kao-ani for you :)


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Catch a Falling Star earrings VI


Haha I made this quite a while ago, during the holidays actually.

The colour of each star is actually different. ;) Er haha stating the obvious. I don't know what to write.

The selling price of this is $7.

If you're interested, the usual, leave a comment of contact me personally if you know me ;) Any questions, same.

Anchor Your Dreams

This is for irreplaceable people.
This stands for a lot of things.
Don't forget the dreams you once had.
Don't forget to dream.
Let your dreams be your anchor, the reason why you're still going on.
And don't forget that dreaming brought us to unreachable dreams.
Thanks for these four years.

Catch a Falling Star keychain III

For Fumi (芙美), my buddy during the immersion programme.

I've been working out the concept of the silver metal thingums for a long long time. I'm glad I finally have a chance to work it out.

If falling stars weren't meteorites, those silver thingums could be meteorites.

I'm sick.

That's all.