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Catch a Falling Star bracelet II

The pictures all look the same right! But no! Actually they are all very different.

Hello! haha. I promised you (which is generally nobody) I would be productive right! In fact I've been so productive I'm a bit surprised at myself too ;D There's more coming up, sitting in my drawer, once I get to it.

Anyway June is a very dangerous period because seems like all the Important People are having birthdays in June but actually there aren't a lot of them either way.

Guess who this is for! haha. No need to guess I always say it anyway.


Haha your name so big I bet you're very happy. Happy Belated Birthday. You're the oldest among the 5 of us now! Start acting a bit more mature okay. I'll give you when school reopens okay haha. 

Because everybody's a star. 


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Taobao hauls: Pincushion

It's the A level period and I should be studying. But mmmm haha everybody needs a break in a while. And I've recently discovered the joys of Taobao shopping.

Taobao shopping contains a bit of tedious admin as while the stuff from Taobao is mostly relatively cheap, shipping is not. And I use an external spree service to ship for what must probably be cheaper (I don't know for sure but I believe my mother when she says so). 65daigou is super efficient and also very easy to use their service. Taobao shopping was a bit of uncharted territory initially but since my family's first batch of haul arrived safely in Singapore, I think it works. Haha.

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Catch a Falling Star necklace VI

I love Christmas tree catalogs because the Christmas trees always look so pretty and my house never had one. But they're expensive, so I don't lust for one either.

I'm selling this for $4.50. No haggling please. Leave a comment if you're interested, or if you know me, you can come find me on msn or facebook or any other means.

Catch a Falling Star earrings VI


Haha I made this quite a while ago, during the holidays actually.

The colour of each star is actually different. ;) Er haha stating the obvious. I don't know what to write.

The selling price of this is $7.

If you're interested, the usual, leave a comment of contact me personally if you know me ;) Any questions, same.